Wayne Marshall

Portfolio: Artist Website

Wayne Marshall is one of the leading organists in the past generations. He is also a skilled pianist and conductor. It was a true pleasure to be asked to do his official website.

I prepared 3 design mockups based on material forwarded to me and a list of sites the artist liked. Two variants had black backgrounds similar to some of the suggested sites in the brief, but my gut feeling was to create something different and without following the guide. The artist eventually opted for this last design variant.

I used Weonline.in for the backend and after discussing whether to go with SilverStripe or Wordpress as a CMS, we landed on the ruby-based Radiant and customized a backend for the site based on it.

Client Wayne Marshall, London  
Sector Music, artist website  
Delivered Web: web templates, logo & graphics  
Status Site launched  
Collaboration Weonline.in Adaption/customization of CMS; markup and css  
launch website not active